A Russian prosecutor’s office has been fined 150,000 Rubles (around $2,275 USD) for its bitcoin news site blockade. The money will be awarded to website owner Nikolay Tonkoshkurov. His site was blocked without official warning or court proceedings in 2016.

Per Digital Rights Center lawyers Sarkis Darbinyan and Kate Abashina (who led Tonkoshkurov’s defence): “We have formed an important case for future practice. Now, the prosecutors will think twice before filing half-baked or evidence-free lawsuits that damage internet businesses and their clients. The one who walks the road to the end wins it all. Don’t be afraid to fight for your rights in the court.”

24.11.2018 Prosecutor’s Office Fined 150,000 Rubles For Bitcoin News Site Blockade.

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