Адвокат Саркис Дарбинян комментирует для актуальные новости в делах о защите в суде интересов российских биткоин-порталов.

«Sarkis Darbinyan expects that after the lawsuit is returned to the Kuibishevsky Regional Court in Omsk, the judges will try to put forward more formal reasons to drop the case. «Now we are waiting for the court’s ruling to send it to Roskomnadzor as soon as possible in order to remove the site from the blacklist,» the lawyer added. After that,’s defense plans to file its own lawsuit for damages caused by the unreasonable claim of the Prosecutor’s Office».

13.05.2019 Russian Prosecutors Fail to Block Crypto Website.

«Lawyers from the Roskomsvoboda project and the Center for Digital Rights law firm have appealed the blocking of, issued by a local court in Saint Petersburg in 2016. They are also fighting restrictions imposed on access to the popular Finland-based peer-to-peer exchange platform Experts say the decision of the highest judicial authority is likely to become a precedent for the whole crypto sector in Russia».

05.03.2018 Russian Supreme Court to Decide the Fate of Bitcoin Sites.

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